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Iron Commander


Welcome to be an Iron Commander: the winner takes it all, while the loser has to fall!Iron Commander is a Brand-new Worldwide MMO WAR Strategy Game where you’ll be a mighty Commander to fight alongside your allies worldwide against your enemies to claim the throne of the world. Forge alliances, produce tanks, destroy enemies, upgrade defenses and occupy the Headquarter to become the most powerful Commander!
Download Iron Commander and PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting war strategy game NOW!
FEATURES•Brand-new Worldwide MMO WAR Strategy Game FOR FREE•System-provided translation function enables you to chat with your global friends•Build an unbeatable city by training formidable tanks •Forge alliances with global players and fight for the glory •Occupy the Headquarter to be the President of a nation •Level-up and deck out your commander to seek hegemony •Scout, attack and execute enemy commanders to win the battle •Defend your city through strong fortifications and war strategies•Gather various resources to support your city and your army •Take part in abundant events to win huge rewards freely
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